image from issue six, by Joe Laverty

image from issue six, by Joe Laverty


words from readers


“It’s a beautiful production and there's such an inspiring and uplifting bundle of good energy wrapped inside those pages! Wonderful as the articles and photos are, even better is the unwritten philosophy of goodness that flows from the spaces between every word.”

“… Outstanding work! Your magazine seems to share this approach by featuring passionate people doing remarkable things as their day jobs or places off the beaten paths I would never see in any of the glossy brochures. Thank you for showing me Northern Ireland as it really is, piece by piece.”

“I was blown away by the quality, depth and creativity of your journal … ”

“What a beautiful uplifting magazine. I pored through it last night with increasing delight at its positive stories and wonderful people. All on our doorstep. So very many thanks for doing such a thing.”

“Great to see Northern Ireland represented at its is all to often shadowed in the narrow minded insular outlook and historic baggage”

“… I am very inspired by the articles and the overall intention of your magazine. It is so refreshing to see something as valuable as this project in Ireland.”


“thank you for such a beautiful, intelligent, thought provoking, inspiring and most importantly tasteful magazine about Northern Ireland. We live in such an amazing place - which is continuously badly represented - and at last, I have something to read which relates to the place where I live.”

“thank you Freckle for reminding us that it is possible to live differently.”

“Recently I've been telling lots of people how much I love you, and thrusting my copies of issue one and two into their hands ... so I think it's only right to tell you myself how much I love you and what you stand for. Thanks for being so amazing!”

“My family and I love Freckle magazine. It is thoughtful, beautifully produced, and a very necessary antidote to the babble and glare of most of the media in Norn Iron. Keep up the good work!”

“… I am completely and utterly enamored with this magazine. The stories in it are meant to inspire and uplift; locals with vivid dreams and big hearts that endeavor to enrich their surroundings using their honed abilities. The photography is astounding, and the writing captivating. It’s all of my favorite things about art and humanity rolled up into one beautiful journal.”

“[I’m] offering my thanks for a great step forward for everyone in Northern Ireland.”


“I am savouring it slowly to make it last. It is hard to put in to words how I have felt about it. It is as if a friend with the same outlook and interests as me has been writing to me. It is an inspirational delight from the natural texture of the pages, to the beautiful photos and the stories of people working to make a difference, appreciating and caring for the people and places around them.”

“Learning about your magazine has brought back the excitement … that there are a lot of likeminded people in Ireland who are talented and inspiring.”

“Thank you Freckle team for your beautiful gift to the world and for nourishing my roots”

“Yes!! This is one fine publication! A carefully curated collection of stories of people and places with a touch of uniqueness about them”

“What a lovely magazine, such lovely photos and such interesting and positive articles. There is so much going on here in NI that we know nothing about it is wonderful to hear about them.”

“Congratulations to the team at Freckle Northern Ireland. This is a truly inspirational look at the people of Northern Ireland with their differing skills and lifestyles.”